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Utah Wildlife Federation Hosts Inaugural Utah Wildlife Summit

Wildlife management leaders and people who care about wildlife from across the state will gather to discuss issues, propose solutions, and create partnerships

The Utah Wildlife Federation is proud to bring the Utah Wildlife Summit to the Eccles Wildlife Education Center on March 16. Our goal is encouraging wildlife management professionals and enthusiasts to identify out-of-the-box ideas that could address challenges wildlife face in Utah and how agencies, wildlife groups and the general public can help. 

The Summit aims to:

  • Have honest conversations about the challenges facing wildlife and Utah’s communities.

  • Learn from each other and brainstorm conservation solutions.

  • Build relationships with wildlife enthusiasts and Utah wildlife managers.

Speakers include: Daniel Eddington, Habitat Conservation Coordinator, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; Nicole Nielson, Wildlife Impact Analysis Coordinator, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; Jessica Fort, Wildlife Biologist, Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife; Troy Justensen, President, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife; John Benion, Director of Research, Conserve Utah Valley

“There are so many amazing groups in Utah that work to benefit wildlife and the people who love wildlife, but we sometimes tend to focus on certain species and their needs,” said Brett Prettyman, chair of the Utah Wildlife Federation board. “Sharing ideas and collaborating to benefit all wildlife is in the best interest of all Utah citizens. I’m excited about how the conversations from the Summit can make a change on the wildlife management landscape in our state.”

Summit Agenda

8:30  | Light breakfast and check in

9:00  | Welcome and big picture overview

9:30  | How is wildlife managed in Utah?

  • Watershed Restoration Initiative

  • Utah Wildlife Action Plan

  • Migration Initiative

  • Native American wildlife management

11:30| Lunch

  • Utah Wildlife Federation Conservation Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Wildlife Walls

12:00| Small group discussions

12:45| How have Utah communities created wildlife wins?

  • Mule Deer Foundation: How the Watershed Restoration Initiative was created

  • Conserve Utah Valley: Preserving Bridal Veil Falls and Utah Lake

  • Friends of the Bear River Refuge: Restoring the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

  • Networking

  • Celebrity interview

3:00  | Proposing solutions, brainstorming ideas together

4:15  | Bringing it all together

5:00  | Summit close

Event capacity is limited to 100. 

Registration is free, with the option to donate.

The public is encouraged to register at

The Utah Wildlife Federation provides a nonpartisan and genuinely Utah voice for everyday Utah hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreationists. We focus on conserving wildlife habitat, hunting and angling opportunities and access, and American public lands now and for future generations while advancing the principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. UWF is committed to listening with respect, providing factual information on issues in a non-adversarial manner, and incrementally making deliberate progress toward policy goals through collaborative community-driven conservation. We do this in pursuit of our mission: ensuring wildlife thrives in Utah.

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