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Wildlife Connectivity

In the 2020 legislative session, the Utah state legislature passed House Resolution 13, which both:

  • Urges continued state investment in wildlife connectivity and encourages state and local governments to adopt policies to protect and restore intact fish and wildlife connectivity and migration corridors and promote road safety, and

  • Resolves that the Legislature and Governor encourage the Division of Wildlife Resources, universities, and others with expertise in the wildlife area to study where wildlife migration corridors exist within the state and how best to protect and enhance these corridors.

Building on this Resolution, the Utah Wildlife Federation convenes and facilitates a wildlife connectivity working group comprised of representatives from organizations and government agencies.

This working group seeks to better understand and identify opportunities and challenges to protecting and restoring landscape connectivity for native wildlife in Utah in order to facilitate collaborative, proactive projects and ensure the long-term viability of species and ecological processes.

To learn more about wildlife connectivity issues in Utah and why migration is so important to wildlife, check out this great 3-minute video from the Utah Wildlife Migration Initiative.